Soy protein


A world leader in the protein business for over 20 years, ADM offers an extensive line of versatile protein ingredients in a variety of forms – including isolated soy proteins, textured vegetable protein, soy protein concentrates, soy flour & grits, textured soy proteins & crisps, and wheat proteins – designed to meet the widest possible range of formulation needs.



Isolated soy protein

ADM’s isolated soy proteins are industry leaders in taste and function. Extremely clean flavored isolated soy proteins with minimum protein levels of 90 percent on a moisture-free basis, Ardex®, Pro-Fam® and CLARISOY™ can be used to increase nutritional content or for emulsification in a variety of applications.

  • Pro-Fam®
  • Ardex®

Soy protein concentrate

Minimum protein content of 65 percent on a moisture-free basis and a fiber content of 20 percent, ADM’s traditional and functional soy protein concentrates deliver cost-effective solutions and are available both as a powder and as textured pieces, can be used in meat and poultry products to increase water retention, improve emulsification, and maintain nutritional values.

  • Arcon®
  • Arcon® T
  • TVC®

Textured soy protein

Due to their unique textural properties, When hydrated, they feature a fibrous meat-like texture with outstanding moisture retention and provide excellent mouthfeel, making them perfect for meat and vegetarian applications. In their dry form, they provide unique textures that characterize many of the most popular bars and snacks in the world.

  • Arcon® T
  • TVP® (textured vegetable protein)
  • TVC® (textured vegetable crumble)
  • Nutrisoy® Crisps

Defatted soy flour

Soy flour from ADM feature minimum protein levels of 50 percent on a moisture-free basis, are available in a variety of granulations, and can be used in many different applications.

  • TVP® (textured vegetable protein)
  • Bakers Flour (Defatted soy flour)