Company Profile



Win Chance Industries is an affiliate of Win Chance Group. We were established since 1985 with total registered capital of 249 million baht.

Win Chance Industries is an exclusive distributor for innovative & premium quality food ingredients and packagings for food & beverage industries as well as functional food ingredients, active ingredients, APIs and excipients for dietary supplement, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Our products have been chosen from world-class leading manufacturers from many countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, South Korea, etc, together with our own R&D and production capability of Sauces, Seasoning, Spice mixed and Dry mixtures (ex. Instant sauce powder, Innovative Food additive mixtures, etc).

Moreover, we have strong technical support including Application guidance, Regulatory advice, Product Innovation & Creative consultancy as well as Market trend update, ready to assisting you improving your products quality, process efficiency, competitiveness and cost saving.

Until now, with more than 30 years successful experience in the business under concept “A Partner You Can Trust”. Win Chance Industries is not only entrusted by the customers but also our principles as a reliable long-term partnership to collaborating mutual sustainable growth.