Skin Renewal and Wound healing improvement

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Mushroom Beta Glucan is a polysaccharide polymer derived from the cell wall of mushrooms. Research has shown that beta glucan effectively strengthens the immune system by activating the white blood cells (WBC) to support a healthy and robust immune response without over-stimulating it.

Beta glucan enhances the immune response by activating the macrophages, our body’s frontline of defense. These cells of our immune system are responsible of finding, identifying, and consuming foreign invaders in our body. In addition, the macrophages also have the ability to “trigger” other components of the immune system including Granulocytes (Neutrophil, Eosinophils, and the Basophils), B-cells, T-cells, and Natural Killer (NK) cells to deal with the other potential threats.

Liquid Mushroom beta glucan

The world’s finest proprietary mushroom beta glucan cosmetic ingredients to restore and rejuvenate the immune wellness of your skin. Simple and easy to apply, your target customers will experience a youthful skin using our proprietary mushroom formulation.

Research indicates our quality Mushroom Beta Glucan has remarkable skin regenerative properties, which include Revitalizing the immune cells in the skin, regeneration of collagen-producing cells and strengthening the skins ability to deal with adverse environmental effects, promotes anti-aging and anti-wrinkles.

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